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MYBYK for Public Transport

MYBYK is an excellent solution for improving first and last-mile connectivity for your city people.

MYBYK offers a convenient and efficient way to travel short distances and can be seamlessly combined with public transportation for longer distances, helping to reduce congestion on the roads and improve connectivity in your city.

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MYBYK for Campuses

Daily commuting within the campus can get irritating for you and your visitors. Imagine valuable productive man hours getting wasted waiting endlessly for that shuttle under the scorching sun for what can be a 2 minute ride on MYBYK.

Why waste valuable man hours? Empower your campus with MYBYK today.

MYBYK for Employees

MYBYK can provide valuable benefits to organizations looking to improve their sustainability efforts and promote a healthy work environment.

By offering employees alternative mode of transportation- MYBYK, they can help reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions, while also promoting physical activity and improved well-being.

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MYBYK for Engagement

Take your employee engagement activity to the next level with MYBYK. A fun and unique way for your team to get moving to stay active or support a worthy cause.

Join us in promoting your brand/cause, spreading awareness, or simply inviting a larger group for a fun filled ride.

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