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Seamless and Convenient, isn’t it?

India's largest bike
swapping network

Embark on a journey of seamless connectivity across India with our partnership with the country’s major urban public transport systems.

Imagine the freedom of dropping off your MYBYK in Ahmedabad and swapping with another in Kochi.

Get MYBYK in Your City
10 K+
500 +
750 K+
Get MYBYK in Your City


Our IoT-enabled bikes with adjustable seats and multipurpose baskets are perfect for those who want to stay fit and active, without breaking the bank.

MYBYK Electric

with PowerPedaITM

Take your commuting to the next level with our PowerPedalTM enabled e-bike and make your daily rides a breeze. Ride worry free of gas prices, traffic jams, and sweaty commutes.


with PowerPedaITM

Say goodbye to gas-guzzling delivery vehicles and hello to MYBYK Cargo!

Ride and deliver with ease, speed, and sustainability while maximizing your savings on fuel and maintenance costs. Revolutionize your delivery game with MYBYK Cargo! 

Greener Campuses

Daily commuting within the campus for your employees can get irritating. Imagine wasting valuable man hours waiting endlessly for shuttle under the scorching sun.

You can be their superhero by introducing them to MYBYK. It’s the zippy & eco-friendly way to commute across the campus.

Why waste valuable man hours? Empower your employees with MYBYK today.

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